Formed in April 2006 by parents that have children with various allergies. Our members include parents of children (from babies to young adults) with life-threatening food, latex and venom allergies. PAK has grown to over 700 members in Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding area. We have a variety of meetings, guest speakers,  special events such as family yoga workshops, Food Allergy Musician, Kyle Dine concert and seasonal food free children’s events.  Our educational meetings cover topics such as research updates, asthma, epinephrine training. We also host parent get togethers, advocacy projects, i.e. working with local school boards to create anaphylaxis and allergy protocols, nurses in schools, epinephrine legislation, and community outreach. We have a board of medical advisers that assist us in these endeavors.  Email for a free new member packet of information.  Friend us on Facebook and we can set you up in our private discussion area.

Charlotte Supports Eos is a group for those living or seeking care in the Charlotte area for eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorders including EoE, EG, EC and EGE. It is our goal to provide support for patients and caregivers of all ages, and regardless of a patient’s preference for dietary or pharmacological management.

Please keep in mind that no member of this support group is qualified to give medical advice within this setting. Members working as medical professionals outside of this group are not able to speak to a specific patient, but rather are here provide support and provide information that can be applied to a general population.